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Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.

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Disposable temporary email protects your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares.

So, What Is A Temporary Email Address?

A Temporary Email Address is a short-lived email address that users can create and use for a limited period of time to fulfill a specific purpose, such as signing up for a website or service without using their primary email address. Temporary email addresses are often generated automatically by online platforms or tools and are designed to be disposable after a certain duration or task completion. These addresses help users maintain privacy, avoid spam, and manage online interactions without disclosing personal information.


Why would you need a Temporary Email Address?

There are several reasons why someone might need or choose to use a fake or temporary email address:

Privacy: Using a fake email address helps maintain privacy and prevents the disclosure of personal information when signing up for online services, participating in surveys, or accessing certain content.

Avoiding Spam: Fake email addresses can be used to sign up for services or websites that may send a lot of promotional emails or spam. This helps keep the primary email inbox clutter-free.

Testing: Developers and testers may use fake email addresses to test registration processes, email functionality, or other features without using real email accounts.

Temporary Needs: When there is a need to receive an email for a one-time purpose, such as downloading a file, accessing a discount, or receiving a verification code, a fake email address can be used and discarded after use.

Anonymity: Fake email addresses can be used to interact with websites or services anonymously, without revealing one's true identity or contact information.

Using a fake email address can be a practical solution in various situations where maintaining privacy, avoiding spam, or managing temporary interactions online is important.

Although the concept of a temporary email account theoretically conjures up images of underground websites and black hat hackers, there are good reasons to use phoney email services.

Here are Some Justifiable Explanations for Using a Temporary Email Address:

Register For A Store Loyalty Card: If you wish to avoid receiving emails from the store promoting new products, substitute your business email address with a temporary one to avoid receiving spam emails. You will not have your actual email address compromised in the event that the business is hacked.

Test Your programme: You've just finished developing a web application, and you want to make sure it works well before putting it up for sale. Rather than employing shady individuals to test the programme online, you can simply obtain 100 temporary emails, make dummy accounts, and do your own thorough testing.
Register For Two Accounts Using A Web App:

To programme a second Twitter account to run for your marketing website, you'll need another IFTTT account. To rule out maintaining a new email mailbox, create a new temporary email address at  A new account requires a different email address from your default.


Get Rid of Spam: If a user frequently visits web forms, forums, and discussion groups, a Temporary email address can be a very helpful tool in reducing spam. It can help cut down on spam to almost nothing.



How Do I Select Temporary Email?


  • Top Temporary email service providers ought to:
  • Give consumers the option to quickly generate temporary email addresses with a single click.
  • Absence of registration does not imply identity information about the user.
  • The email address need to stay private.
  • Provide several email addresses (as many as you may choose).
  • provides a user-accessible temporary email inbox with offers.
  • Simple and useful design to receive an ordinary email.
  • Users can select their preferred address, and the provider uses a random account.

So use, your preferred email provider, to avoid spam and save time.


How Can I Use a Temporary Email Address?

People opt to obtain a temporary email address by opening a new account with their present email service providers, such Gmail, but this comes with a lot of difficulties, like having to handle multiple email accounts. When users want to sign up for free mail services, they consent to receiving a new email address.

It would function if you controlled a single account inbox, had a single email address, and a few temporary emails from

You may forward emails from a temporary address straight to your own email account, which is an incredible feature. You can direct emails sent to your trash folder if you think the temporary email address is compromised and you have reason to suspect that one of your contacts is involved. For emails that are required for those relationships, direct email addresses to your inbox.



Key Benefits of Using for Temporary Emails

It can be difficult to select the website to create your fictitious inbox because there are so many options available. The process is made more complicated than it needs to be by certain websites that are difficult to use and unclear about the edges you receive. The following are the most evident advantages that set our platform apart from those of our rivals:


Reliable System
Thanks to the use of anonymous emails whenever you request them, the website provides you with simple, trustworthy service. The idea is very simple: visit the page and locate the email address instantly and automatically. This isn't always the case on other websites that provide comparable services. We often purposefully exclude any unnecessary phases from the process in order to ensure that it proceeds as quickly as possible. By removing the current one, you can create a unique email at any time, and it will be sent to you instantly.

Clear and Concise Policy
If you have any questions concerning the work that these temporary mail services are offering, you can browse all the information about them on the website. We pride ourselves on providing truly anonymous email services, setting ourselves apart from other websites you may come across online. We do this by not hiding any information from you and by not storing your information processing address on our site.

Easy-To-Use Interface
Because no one wants to waste time figuring out how things operate when they have to give someone their email address or use it to register on a website, the email service's UI is as simple as it gets. The key buttons on the interface are Copy (which allows you to select an email address with only one click), Refresh (which shows you new emails), Amendment (which allows you to obtain a special email), and Delete.

Accessible Without Charge
Many email services are available that charge users for using them, but our website is free to use and doesn't require you to pay any more features in order to use your email indefinitely. There are no restrictions, although typically you can change your email address and the manner you receive emails using it.

A Multitude of Interface Languages
If English is not your first language, there are several different interface language options available on the website, which caters to people worldwide. In addition to Russian, more languages will soon be updated.



To conclude:

Establishing a temporary mail address system with is a great way to ensure that your true identity is never revealed or sold to anybody when you join in online wikis, chat rooms, file sharing services, and bulletin board discussions. This will help you avoid mail spam.